Posted by: M.C. | 16 September 2010

Endless Potential

I’m discovering that one of the appeals of research is its potential endlessness. If you really want to keep from getting something done, just make a decision to research it thoroughly before you do anything else. If your mind works anything like mine (and heaven help you if it does), you will find at every turn another opportunity to explore a potentially significant bit of information. That lovely phrase “potentially significant” means the information doesn’t *have* to be significant so long as it *might* be significant. Now since just about anything *might* be significant, this means that you’re entitled to spend all day online or probing through this book or that or watching a television show or listening to music or doing anything else expect getting started on the work at hand. Which is, of course, the point.

You probably see where I’m going here: I haven’t actually written a word–literally a word–on any of the writing projects I have set for myself. I decided to announce this in the hopes that it would be sufficiently embarrassing for me so that I would get myself in gear. To be fair, I have realized about the autobiographical novel that I have a situation but nothing like the beginning of a plot. I could tell you all sorts of things about the life of this boy around whom the story revolves, but I have no significant event or events to drive any action. My plan now is to start scrounging for one. Wish me luck.



  1. Plot idea: Zombies. They are totally hot right now.

    • I appreciate the suggestion. However I have to say that their increasing “cool” quotient has had the effect of making me want to avoid anything even remotely to do with them. Could it be that not zombies but their popularity is eating our brains?

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